The Brit

There are many articles and books written about the British Shorthair, even online you will find a lot of information. That's why I prefer to direct you to these sites or articles, . Pawpeds, British shorthair " De Bolle", and so many other sites with them, can give you step by step a lot of info about their history, character, the type, coat and colour variations. I'd rather talk to you about our own 'short' experience with the British Shorthair, it's pedigree and health. Actually it is you who decides wich type you prefer, you can look at many types and colourvariations and many times you will think, 'ooh, I like that one' or 'no, don't like that'. That is totaly normal, that is even the way how we got to our colourfull group... About the character, i can say for sure that they are all unique little bears, not agressive, a bit reserved when they want to be left alone and purring on your lap, screaming for attention, whenever they need it. They are most playfull and will do so even when they get older( You just got to love them, these British sweethearts). We used to live in an appartement together with our 6 cats, even when we had visitors you couldn't find a single one, when they where laying on their favorite spot, just relaxing, wanting to be left alone:-)... Through the years many excellent Shorthairs have been bred, who left a significant footprint, due to their exceptional type, character and their hereditairy genes. To search these icons was a must for us because, these animals are, or were, in top condition and perfect health ( PKD, Felv, fiv and Hcm). Responsible and healthy breeding is extremely important to us, because we think that's the way to get the best and most out of the British shorthair...This is the reason why it took us so long before we finally got our group! At this point we can safely say that our Ladies have excellent and healthy pedigrees. Only our stud is taking us a bit more time, excellence is never just around the corner, but we hope that in this year we will encounter our future male. Don't think that all our worries are gone, that would be a myth ofcourse! At any given moment things can go wrong or problems can pop-up, of which we didn't know. Because we made selective choices in the pedigrees and our breeding program (Dames and Sirs) we hope to have healthy, characterful and sweet 'bears'... Only with the purpose to give the British catlover and even now and then a breeder, a healthy animal for years to come. And even for our healthy sweethearts the opportunity to have a long, happy and healthy life with their new family. From the bottom of our hearts we are in love with the British Shorthair, and we hope in any way possible, but with our vision, to contribute to this extraordinary race. Which, in the 1900's was a pet for the common people but now, they have earned a top spot on shows and are found in every household and for us this needs to stay that way, for evermore!!! ;-)

Kitten policy

Every birth is unique, we will encounter that for many times to come! At all times our love and care for the little ones will be unconditionally. With the greatest care we will focus on their development and health. Which already starts at birth, with healthy en temperamentful parents and through coöperation with friendly recognized breeders and our veterinary. Knowledge is the key to succes and of that, we never will get enough ( through reading, informing....) but especially by gathering and sharing information with other breeders. Not only before and during, but specially after the birth we will commit ourselves to prepare our 'babies' for the great obstacles in life! Only with varied, recognized and specialized nutrition we will give them the perfect start for a healthy life. Except for the nutrition we believe that a good domestic environment is essential. With our 2 children and the sounds of a normal household, we try to get our little sweethearts used to these everyday noises. In another way, we live not only with our little teddy's, but also 'for' them. Families who are interested, we sincerely ask them to take personal contact with us, we find it extremely important to get to know the family and having a good feeling about them where one of our darlings will live during the rest of their life's. A kitten may leave, the comfort of being with the mother, to a catlover, in Belgium, after castration or sterilisation. That will be around 16 weeks. Once in a while a show- and breeding worthy kitten will go to a Cattery. In Belgium they will leave the nest after 13 weeks! When going abroad the inoculation of rabbies and incubation period will be added.... When going to another Cattery, personal contact with the breeder is an absolute must, we don't like internet sellings! Our sweethearts will be travelling to their new homes with all obligatory inoculations, healthbook, official pedigree, chip registration and a small kitten package. Even when our little angels have left to their new homes, we will always be there for them, and the new owners, whatever happens. The wellbeing of our babies will always be our top priority.